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Your Nursing Tutor is the place for nursing students who are...well, let's just say you've been out of school for a while 😉

Whether you stayed home to raise kids, made a career change, or want to "level-up" as a nurse...you've got different challenges than your fresh-out-of-high-school classmates.

That's why I'll help you know exactly what to study so that you never feel overwhelmed. Skip the all-night cram sessions and have time for everything else...while still being successful in nursing school.

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VIP Tutoring Membership

Go from overloaded and burnt out, to calm and confident (with better grades, too), along with a community of nursing students who get what you're going through and are cheering you on. 

The Silver Bullet Study System

The “No Tears” method to efficiently learn the essentials for nursing school...so you can get good grades, while still leaving time for your family.

Conquer Dosage Calculations

In as little as one day, you can learn how to get a 100% on every dosage calculation exam. Even if you suck at math.

Conquer Test Anxiety

This easy method will stop your test anxiety in its tracks, so that you think more clearly and get better grades.

NCLEX-Style Question Dissection

Test Strategies that won’t stress you out or make you cry, will help you study more efficiently, and you can start using today.

Write "A+" Care Plans Quickly

Quickly & efficiently write Care Plans that maximize your study time and get you good grades.

Time Management in Nursing School

Cancel your overwhelming "to do" list, and find time for the non-nursing school things you love...like your family.

Study Groups: Love 'em or Leave 'em

Get the max benefit from study groups, without the messy downsides. Plus, learn how to gracefully bow out when it's not working.

FREE Dosage Calculations Study Toolkit

Never get Dosage Calculation wrong again by learning the method I teach for Dimensional Analysis, following 2 simple rules, and using an easy-to-follow practice plan that will bust through your math anxiety and have you feeling confident in no time!

FREE Pharmacology Study Toolkit

Jumpstart your nursing journey by finally knowing how to study ALL the medications in a way that makes sense to your brain. 

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