Conquer Dosage Calculations

Conquer Dosage Calculations

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Tired of stressing out over dosage calculations?

You’re in the right place!

I can show you the best method for getting dosage calculations right EVERY SINGLE TIME.

(That's basically free bonus points every time you have a dosage calculation question on an exam, by the way...)

And the best part? You can master this skill in a single day!

Maybe you've tried watching YouTube videos, asking Facebook groups for help, or even buying more math textbooks on Amazon...only to be left still feeling confused.

I've seen it all, because I've been a professional nursing tutor for over 12+ years. So I know firsthand how ineffective most of these resources can be for nursing students...they are a waste of your precious time and money.

That's why I created Conquer Dosage Calculations! Because I don't plan to simply show you how I do dosage calculations, then wish you luck and send you on your way. You can get that kind of "help" anywhere.

Instead, I will take you by the hand, and walk you through a simple, 6-step method that anybody can follow, and will help you solve any dosage calculation in nursing school.

And I won't stop there.

Because watching someone else solve dosage calculations isn't enough, even if it is teaching the best method. (Otherwise those free Youtube videos would have solved your problem already, remember?)

That's why I will also:

  • Give you a focused practice plan so that you won't waste any time
  • Provide immediate feedback so that you will improve quickly
  • And explain how to know when it's time to stop practicing, so that you will feel confident enough to tackle your next dosage calculation exam!

With this course, you will receive instant, online access to:

  • 9+ videos that quickly teach you the 6-step method for ALWAYS solving dosage calculations correctly
  • 1 guided practice plan option to complete the course in a single day
  • 1 guided practice plan option to complete the course in a month
  • BONUS: Troubleshooting videos to help with tricky situations
  • BONUS: Downloadable PDF workbook & cheatsheet
  • BONUS: 40+ practice questions (to use with your practice plan), including an answer key & full video explanations
  • BONUS: VIP Email support for any questions you have during the course

With Conquer Dosage Calculations, you are only 1-day away from NEVER worrying about dosage calculations again. 

So are you ready to become a Dosage Calculations expert? Then let's get started!

**Only available with the VIP Membership**

13 Modules

3 Ways to Solve Dosage Calculations…and Which One is Best

The Magic Method to Mastering Dosage Calculations

Practice Problems Intro

**Answer Key**


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