Time Management in Nursing School

Time Management in Nursing School

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After Time Management in Nursing School, you’ll:

➡  Gracefully back out of obligations you’d normally feel guilty for quitting

➡  Confidently prioritize your school vs personal activities

➡  Find enough time to study, sleep, and spend quality time with your kids.

Still want to know more about Time Management in Nursing School?

Here’s 3 of the quick tips you’ll learn:

➡  The 1 piece of info you need to determine if your exam score was "good enough" (hint: it’s not the passing score)

➡  Understand the 7 areas of your life that require “self care” (**no candlelit bubble baths required**)

➡  When it's a good idea to let a nursing assignment “slide”…and when you need to push through

**Only available with the VIP Membership**

5 Modules

You > Your Grades

The 7 Life Investments

Great Goals

Time Management = Self Management

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