NCLEX-Style Question Dissection

NCLEX-Style Question Dissection

**Only available with the VIP Membership**

After NCLEX-Style Question Dissections, you’ll be able to:

➡ Understand what the test writer is really testing you on (hint: it’s not what the question is asking!)

➡ Stop second guessing yourself on exams...but feel confident when you do need to change an answer

➡ Avoid the overwhelm of studying it all, and know how to focus only on what you need

Still want to know more about the NCLEX-Style Question Dissections?

Here’s 3 of the quick tips you’ll learn:

➡ In Dissection 1, you’ll learn the ONE question to ask yourself when you need to prioritize nursing actions...and it’s not the ABCs.

➡ In Dissection 6, you’ll discover which nursing specialty area can disguise itself as a “simple” Med-Surg question.

➡ In Dissection 12, you’ll see how the XYZ method helps you answer exam questions and trains your brain to think like a nurse.

**Only available with the VIP Membership**

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