VIP Tutoring Membership

VIP Tutoring Membership

Are you tired of:

  • Feeling overloaded with information...
  • Studying 'til you're burnt out...
  • Trying (and failing) to identify what's most important...
  • Never really figuring out how to answer NCLEX-style questions...
  • Being told, "just keep practicing, someday it will click"...but you're still waiting...

And instead you want:

  • The ability to narrow down your exam questions to 2 answer choices...and always choose the best one.
  • Better grades on class exams and standardized tests.
  • Confidence to know when you can stop studying (guilt-free) and go to bed.
  • Easily developed critical thinking skills by using an easy-to-follow, repeatable “training” system
  • Mastery and understanding of the nursing info you need...long after your classmates have brain-dumped.
  • An uncanny knack for predicting the most important information...then watching it show up in exams, lectures, and even NCLEX.
  • To keep up with every reading assignment (even if you’re working and Mom-ing at the same time).

Get immediate access to ALL Your Nursing Tutor online courses, including:

  • Silver Bullet Study System
  • Conquer Test Anxiety
  • Conquer Dosage Calculations
  • A+ Care Plans
  • Time Management in Nursing School
  • Study Groups: Love 'em or Leave 'em
  • NCLEX-Style Question Dissections

PLUS Q&A sessions with a professional nursing tutor, customized training to speed up your learning, and personalized feedback...all in the VIP Facebook Group Community.


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